What is a

Kalakala Quickie?

It's a monthly made animation by Amanda & Drew that doesn't take too long to make nor to watch. Take a peek for yourself
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Latest Project

Assistant animator on the Moondoggies video
Empress of the North

Coming Soon!

An animated show poster

  • Reel 2010

  • March Kalakala Quickie: Fire, Fire I Heard the Cry

    Animated by Drew Christie Written, Edited, & Narrated by Amanda Moore

  • Victrola Special Made for Internet Commercial

  • Still from upcoming Kalakala Quickie

    Mr. Fig


I specialize in hand drawn, stop motion, and flash animation and enjoy tedious graphic design and layout projects like typesetting novels as well as,

Book Design
Front End Web
Problem Solving

Meet Amanda

(a Seattle based Coloradoan, Animator, and Graphic Designer)

I've been drawing since the age of 26 and making movies since the age of 21. Now, along with the Design-O-Matic (a machine of my own creation), I'll be reinventing the landscape of web, illustration, book, and animation design.


I'm accepting freelance work for the month of January and on. In the meantime, I'm working for STG Presents as a Production Designer, Forrest-Pruzan Creative as a Production Assistant, and Coyote Central as an animation teacher.


morse code or email me, whichever is easiset, here: mizzmoore@gmail.com or phone me at: (303) 931 7443